Managing alignment with the Highlands on the line

I’m half Scottish. That may come as a surprise to some of you since I have a non-regional accent (perks of growing up abroad) but if you met my father, it really wouldn’t. Typical Scotsman with a pride in his homeland that would rival anyone’s despite his now living in England. This of course gives me the opportunity for a decent debate when it came to the topic of the Scottish Independence vote and the approach of Alex Salmond/the SNP. Simply put, my fathers opinion of Salmond’s politics is not a positive one and I’ll admit that the term ‘propaganda merchant’ was used repeatedly.

Alex Salmond, Head of the Scottish National Party that is at the forefront of the Independence debate.

Alex Salmond, Head of the Scottish National Party that is at the forefront of the Independence debate.

Despite my own misgivings about the referendum, and my own feelings that a ‘No’ would be a political, economic and social disaster for both Scotland and the remaining countries in the UK, I can’t help but admire Salmond’s technique. From a Comms perspective, his winning near 50% of my fellow Scots over to his ‘Better off alone’ viewpoint (compared to only 23% two years ago) makes for a fascinating case study on strategies for change management.

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First impressions always count

I’ve got my bag packed, lunch made, and coiffed my appearance into a semblance of order, and yet still there is that niggling doubt in the back of my mind that I’ve forgotten something… Have I researched the company well enough? What if I say something daft?

“Its ridiculous really”, my long-suffering partner informs me as he continues to yawn into his coffee. Annoyingly perhaps, he’s right. I’ve always been an over-planner, especially when I am excited about something. I enjoy working to deadlines and I enjoy making plans – you know, the kind with multiple highlighted and italicised sections.

Luckily, after focusing on gaining Comms and PR experience over the past year, I am now able to truly sate my organisational cravings by undertaking an MSc in Advertising and PR Management at De Montfort University. A fact which may or may not mean that I currently have numerous notebooks and planners as well as text books stacked on my desk.

So, to celebrate the milestone of having a mere 2 weeks to go until classes start, I have bitten the bullet and created this blog. As an amateur fanatic rather than a seasoned professional, it is a work in progress. In addition to original features and reviews of relevant copy and campaigns in PR, advertising and marketing, it will also hopefully provide an amusing and (ideally) interesting insight into the ups and downs experienced on my journey through this industry.

That journey starts with what will prove to be the first of many steps I hope to take now that I have returned to Leicester, namely a two week internship with Hopwood PR – an agency I have admired since becoming aware of them in 2011. Two weeks being exposed to working with clients in the NFP and public sectors as well as campaigning; I can’t wait.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got a long list of posts lined up, so you’ll be sure to regularly have the chance for a latte and a laugh.