Making the most of the space we have when space is at a premium

Living in comfort in a large home with a garden and a dog and not-quite-a-picket-fence-but-you-get-the-reference, yes that’s the ideal. But starting out in a city which has widely been heralded as “the third most expensive city in the world” is no easy feat – especially when discovering that what would cover a months rent in my Uni city, barely covers a week in London for the same size space.

I’m not sure if it’s my interest in architecture or the fact I’m in the midst of attempting to find a flat that isn’t a cupboard and that I can actually afford, but seeing this tiny two-roomed apartment in Berlin (with an external toilet!) transformed by design team John Paul Coss and architecture studio Spamroom into a bright and airy and (most importantly) liveable space has made me wonder if it’d be possible to employ such designs within our capital.tinyapt7

Although not as chic and stylish as this 86sq feet Parisian micro-apartment
by architecture firm Kitoko Studio – which drew inspiration from the concept of a Swiss Army Knife, the 266sq ft ‘Micro-Apartment Moabit’ is focused around a central core unit housing a 22sq ft bathroom with a sliding door.

As you can see, along one side lies a corridor-style kitchen area lit by natural light from large windows, whilst on the other lies a pull-down wardrobe and a steel staircase up to the mezzanine level which serves as a sleeping area. All of the apartment has benefited from pale neutral colours and light wood which only serves to reflect light across the cosy space making it look larger and more open.

I don’t know about you, but having a 266sq ft studio apartment in London would still be priced at a premium (not least because of the versatile use of space and the sheer amount of natural light) but I have to admit that this example (and that of the Parisian design created by Kitoko) really has opened my eyes as to what can be possible in terms of using up all the space available – even if my space is more than likely going to be 8/9ft by 6/7ft.

Let me know what you think!

All photos credited to: Ringo Paulusch

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