10 Things about me

I suppose this will be an introduction of sorts – albeit admittedly, a belated one. I’ve never been great for talking about myself to be honest as I generally prefer my work to speak for itself. That of course doesn’t quite work when writing a blog however, particularly one that I hope will get people’s attention rather than the standard online diary-esque approach I usually come across on Tumblr.

That’s not to say that I have anything against Tumblr or personal blogs of course; I’ve had several over the years, but its not really the approach I want to take here.

So, to take away the mystery of who I am, I thought I’d make a top ten list of what makes me.. well.. ‘me’ I suppose.

1) I’m a postgraduate student at Leicester’s De Montfort University studying an MSc in Advertising and PR Management after graduating in 2013 (also from DMU) with 2:1 in BA International Relations and Journalism.

2) I chose to pursue an MSc is due to my interest in pursuing these areas not only as marketing tools, but as management disciplines. Being able to see how roles interacts and works alongside each other both in-house and in agencies, I think will best allow me to build on my industry awareness, expand my skillset, and work out where my abilities truly ‘fit’.

3) Between graduating and starting my MSc, I’ve gained B2B editorial, Marketing, Communications and PR experience with:

  • Communicate Magazine
  • Weston-super-Mare Town Council
  • PAPER CIC (a Bristol-based social enterprise targeted at helping creative graduates gain the skills needed to enter careers in the creative sector)
  • KREOD International (a FDI and architectural initiative seeking to host business conferences in a custom-made structure alongside the 2016 Rio Olympics)

and, most recently,

  • Hopwood PR.

4) I have a LinkedIn profile (http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/ashley-keir-bucknall/35/52b/394), a Contently portfolio (https://ashleykeirbucknall.contently.com/), and a Twitter page (@AshleyKB91) as well as this blog of course – Going into PR, I’d assume these are staple platforms so I’m glad mine are all sorted now (although, saying that, I ought to update my Contently portfolio).

5) I was originally born in the Middle East (Sharjah) to British expats and spent my formative years in Dubai, but have lived in the UK since I was eight.

6) I lived and worked abroad as a nanny between my first and second year of university. Although I can wholeheartedly say Paris is a wonderful city (I really enjoyed the then-novel experience of the Metro as well as the cafe-culture and amazing Fête de la Musique), nannying (although rewarding) is a job I would not choose to repeat.

7) 5 & 6 led to my unending interest in other cultures and learning foreign languages which has lead to my recently starting Mandarin classes as well as reviewing my German ability. I am also tentatively exploring the ideas of solo-studying Arabic and Japanese.

8) I spent an almost unholy amount of time online, and most of it is spent reading. This is something that is an endless source of frustration/amusement for my boyfriend, and something that I have no intention what-so-ever of slowing down. After all, keeping on top of developments in the professional market is what is balancing out the more in-depth, yet understandably out-of-date knowledge shared on my course.

9) From what I’ve seen so far, appearance and a good attitude is everything; or at least it is a BIG factor in PR. I’m not a wilting wallflower in the slightest so to balance my big personality, I am trying to get in shape for when I graduate – the operative word there being: ‘trying’, but I’m slowly making progress.

10) If you hadn’t already guessed, Je suis un Nerd (and yes the capitalisation is deliberate). ‘Nerdiness’ may be gaining acceptability in society but it still has a long way to go, I think. Being passionate about things however is what’s allowed me to grow as both an individual and professionally, so its not something that bothers me in the slightest.